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Why is this site so slow?

asked 2011-11-12 04:33:02 -0500

asto gravatar image

Why does everything take so long on this website? When I update an answer it doesn't reflect immediately. And when the page is refreshed, it doesn't show the latest info (you can tell by the update times like "0 mins ago" which don't seem to change for several minutes)

You seem to be caching too much!

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answered 2011-11-12 07:47:49 -0500

mether gravatar image

We aggressively cache because it is only way to keep performance high enough for the traffic we get. However upstream is looking at turning the caching further to keep the update responsiveness high as well. It is a balance which would require a few tweaks.

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Asked: 2011-11-12 04:33:02 -0500

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