Does HTML mail from staging work?

I've applied a hotfix upstream sent to enable html mailing. Is anyone getting html mails?

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asked 2013-06-09 02:48:47 +0000

FranciscoD gravatar image

I hope so!

FranciscoD ( 2013-06-09 02:49:55 +0000 )


Mail me you bot!

FranciscoD ( 2013-06-09 02:50:10 +0000 )


1 answer


Random activity! Send me an email!

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answered 2013-06-09 02:58:08 +0000

FranciscoD gravatar image

It works! Hallelujah!!

FranciscoD ( 2013-06-13 03:10:38 +0000 )


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