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Good questions are easy to find, and should have enough information for someone to suggest a solution. Here are some tips on asking good questions:
  • Frame a question.
  • Use correct tags. See the list of tags for what tags you should use. It makes it easy for people to find your question. For example, please use "fedora19" instead of "f19","fedora-19" or "#19". Tags do not need to start with a #(hash).
  • Use the ''meta'' tag for questions about the site itself.
  • Use the mark up tools. This makes your question more readable.
  • Provide information that could be helpful to a reader when answering your question.
  • You can also edit your question later to clarify, or to add more information, such as logs or error messages.
A complete list of tips is maintained on our guidelines page. Please do read it through at least once.

Markdown basics

  • *italic*
  • **bold**
  • link:[text](http://example.com/ "title")
  • image:![alt text](/path/img.jpg "title")
  • numbered list: 1. Foo 2. Bar
  • basic HTML tags are also supported